Time and karma

He: Everything is messed up, there is so much to do and no time to do it. Where the hell is time flying????

She:heyy.. :*

Time is flying to meet his lover, who is far away from him.

But here comes the irony, his lover is karma.

Karma loves time and time loves karma, they both need each other to learn, grow and succeed.

Time wants to go into the past in order to fix what he screwed up.

The thing is they both are stuck in a loop, whatever mess Time makes karma catches up to it.

Karma knows that they both are not meant to be, it’s the destiny with whom time belongs to. Destiny is his future.

But nay…

Didn’t I said that it is a loop,

Time has to choose,

1) destiny; who maybe is the goal, but she is fickle minded.

2)karma; who loves him for who he is and pushes him to be his best.

Time is little immature, will learn, like he always does, he knows he has help and he knows that-

Karma will always guide him to reach his destiny.

He: babe!..Ssshhhhh!!!


I may be an ocean, wide and blue
also current looks a little skew.
There are wonders to my story,
God saves you when i bring my fury.
A lot of me which is hidden deep inside,
don’t stroll in, won’t survive.
I can be admired from outside, for the beauty I own
I have my shine and my grace outside thrown.